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"We must focus health measures that deliver positive outcomes for Welsh patients" - First Minister

This press release was published under the 2011 - 2016 Welsh government

First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones will today tell the first international prudent healthcare summit in Cardiff: “If we are to create a stronger, fairer, healthier and more prosperous Wales we must invest our time and effort in those things that deliver the outcomes we want, stopping things that do not.”
Thursday 09 July 2015

Carwyn Jones, who will be speaking to an international audience, will say:

“We’re proud in Wales to be leading the way on prudent healthcare. We have our own distinct vision.  A vision shaped by investing in long term benefits, giving people a greater role in their health and wellbeing, and making the best use of scarce resources to deliver better outcomes for all.

“Today, I am pleased to confirm my support for the Choosing Wisely Wales/Dewis Gofalus Cymru campaign announced by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in Wales, as part of the wider UK approach.  

“Led by clinicians, in partnership with patients, Choosing Wisely Wales will provide patients with information about tests and procedures that offer little or no value to them.  Through stopping things that do not work, it will release more investment for those things that do.  

“This is very much at the heart of our vision for prudent healthcare, an approach that aims to ensure that those people in greatest need are always the first to receive services from health and care providers.  And when people receive those services, they are provided by staff with the appropriate skills and expertise to meet their needs.  If a practice nurse can address a need as well as a doctor, and can reduce the time a patient has to wait, they should be helped to do so.

“Prudent healthcare means that people, especially those with chronic health problems, should receive treatments and services that they agree stand the greatest chance of improving their quality of life.  

“A prudent approach to healthcare means that people will be reassured that wherever and whenever they come into contact with healthcare services, they can be confident that they will receive an equally high standard of care.

“The key question is how can we, in partnership, make prudent healthcare happen consistently across Wales?  Thankfully, we are not starting from scratch and since prudent healthcare was launched in January 2014, it has resonated with healthcare professionals and increasingly people using services in Wales.  

“I think the way in which prudent healthcare has captured hearts and minds reflects how in Wales - the home of the NHS - we are finding a way to stay true to Aneurin Bevan’s values, even in these challenging times.”



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