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Welsh Government moves to block UK Trade Union Bill

This press release was published under the 2011 - 2016 Welsh government

The First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones has today moved to block the UK Government’s controversial Trade Union Bill.
Friday 20 November 2015

The Welsh Government has laid a Legislative Consent Memorandum in the National Assembly for Wales in respect of the proposed application of parts of the Bill on devolved public services.

The accompanying motion will be debated in the Assembly in the New Year.

The First Minister said:

"We’ve said repeatedly that the Trade Union Bill which the UK Government has introduced to Parliament has the potential to cause significant damage to the social and economic fabric of the UK.  

"In particular, I have grave concerns that it will prove socially divisive, lead to more confrontational relationships between employers and workers, and ultimately undermine rather than support public services and the economy.

"We have made clear to the UK Government that, as significant parts of the Bill relate specifically to public services which are devolved, it is not acceptable for them to impose it on Wales. I have written to the Prime Minister with these concerns but sadly our calls have fallen on deaf ears.

"Therefore, in view of the UK Government’s continued position that this is not a matter for devolved government we’ve now taken the significant step of laying the memorandum and will oppose giving legislative consent when it comes before the Assembly for consideration.  

"We would have preferred to come to an agreement with the UK Government, to avoid this situation, but we have been left with no other option if we are to protect devolved public services in Wales from this bill.

"I hope other parties in the Assembly will join us in this action."



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