We plan to build a new section of motorway south of Newport.

First published:
11 January 2019
Last updated:

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Project status: planned
Region/county: south east
Start date: 2019
End date: end 2023
Cost: approximately £1.3bn

Why we are doing it


We want to address the longstanding problems on this part of the network.

We want to improve accessibility for residents, visitors and businesses. The project will also improve mobility for Welsh goods and services to international markets.

Current progress

In 2016 we published drawings, reports and environmental assessments for the proposed project, which includes a new section of motorway south of Newport.

A year long Public Inquiry was then held to allow everyone to have their say, completing in Spring 2018.

You are able to view evidence presented to the inquiry on Persona Associates' website (external link).


Public Inquiry completion: March 2018
The decision to make the Orders: 2019
Potential start of construction: 2019

Next steps

The Public Inquiry inspector’s report will inform a decision on whether to make the Orders for the Project, effectively whether to grant the planning permission.

If the Orders are made, a Senedd debate and vote would be held to inform a final decision whether to start the main road construction.