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Legislation of previous assemblies

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Laws made by the 3rd and 4th assemblies.

Fourth Assembly May 2011 to April 2016

During the Fourth Assembly, the Assembly scrutinised and passed 28 bills into acts. There were also 3 bills which fell at the end of the Fourth Assembly and 1 which was rejected by the Assembly. Details are available on the National Assembly for Wales site (external link).

Welsh Government statements on its legislative programme:

Legislative statement 2014-15

Legislative statement 2013-14

Legislative statement 2012-13

Legislative statement 2011-16

Third Assembly May 2007 to March 2011

The Third Assembly was able to consider proposed Legislative Competence Orders and proposed Assembly Measures.

Legislative Competence Orders are a particular type of legislation used during this period to transfer specific powers from Parliament to the Assembly.

An Assembly Measure was a piece of law made during the third Assembly which has a similar effect to an act of Parliament. The Assembly was able to pass Measures on any ‘matter’ listed in Schedule 5 to the Government of Wales Act 2006.

Details of Legislative Competence Orders and Assembly Measures considered by the Assembly (external link) on the National Assembly for Wales site.