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1. Overview: Registering to pay Land Transaction Tax

If you are solicitor, agent, legal conveyancer or organisation you will need to register to file LTT returns online. Each organisation can only register for one account but each organisation can have multiple users. Each user will have their own online account which they will use to access the organisation’s dashboard.

You will need to allow up to 2 weeks to complete the registration process.

If you are an individual who is not represented by a solicitor, agent or legal conveyancer, you do not need to register to file a return.

There are 3 steps to registering your organisation to file LTT returns online:

  • register your organisation with the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA)
  • sign up to WRA online services so that you can file your LTT returns online
  • notify WRA of any additional users you would like to add to your online account.

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