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First published:
2 January 2019
Last updated:

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Guidance change location Summary of change
LTTA/1120 Meaning of land
Removal of reference to fixtures and fittings 
LTTA/4080 Rent for calculation of net present value
Fuller explanation of NPV and addition of a third example to cover a lease over a 10-year period.
LTTA/4020 Calculation of tax chargeable
Added line to link to LTTA/4080
LTTA/8020 The Higher Rates Conditions
New introduction and creation of new section LTTA/8021
LTTA/4040 Successive leases
The first 2 sections of this guidance have been swapped and a new introduction have been added.
LTTA/6110 Duty to make a return – return as a result of a later linked transaction
Updated example and clarification on effective date of transaction.
LTTA/2230 Examples
Addition of new example (5) on sub-sales and linked transactions.
LTTA/2210 Outline of legislation
Addition of outline of paragraph 14 of the legislation.
LTTA/6030 Exceptions to the notifiable transactions rules
Change of title from ‘freehold’ to 'transactions not involving a lease’.
LTTA/1050 Meaning of residential property
Revision of guidance on garden and grounds; some minor textual changes and addition of suggested tests to enable practitioners to better determine whether or not land forms part of garden and grounds.
LTTA/4020 Calculation of tax chargeable
Clarify the calculation of NPV on the basis of the term of the lease.
LTTA/8160 Spouses and civil partners buying alone
Rewording to reflect position with regard to spouses and civil partners.
LTTA/8020 The higher rates conditions
Addition of 4th example on spouses and civil partners.
LTTA/2450 Annuities
Clarify interaction between annuities and deferrals.
LTTA/Transitional guidance on the introduction of Land Transaction Tax
Addition of Item 5 and accompanying introduction.
LTTA/5170 Transactions involving transfers from a partnership
Minor amendment to the steps in calculating the sum of lower proportions (SLP).
LTTA/4020 Calculation of tax chargeable
New section on reversionary leases.
LTTA/6200 Effect of the WRA’s decision in relation to a deferral request
Paragraph added to update policy position on uncertain consideration, and new example added to illustrate this.
LTTA/6160 Deferral of Tax – Contingent or uncertain consideration
Sentence added to encourage users to consult the new guidance at LTTA/2440
LTTA/2440 Contingent, uncertain or unascertained consideration
Guidance rewritten to provide clearer explanation of contingent, uncertain and unascertainable consideration. One example removed; others updated.
LTTA/4090 Variable and uncertain rent: calculation of net present value
Factual inaccuracy corrected.
LTTA/7056 Shared ownership leases
Paragraph added to guidance on staircasing transactions to clarify the position of market value elections where the taxpayer does not wish to staircase in future.
LTTA/4050 Rent for overlap period in case of grant of further lease
A new section to clarify the meaning of ‘substantially the same’ in this context has been added.
LTTA/8091 Higher rates and linked transactions
A new section has been added to describe how the higher rates provisions interact with linked transactions.
LTTA/1120 Meaning of land
The section on ‘meaning of land’ has been updated to account for caravans, mobile homes and houseboats.
LTTA/2010 Land transactions and chargeable interests
A link to the guidance on fixtures and fittings (LTTA/2261) has been added.
LTTA/8170 Property adjustment on divorce, dissolution of civil partnership, etc.
The guidance on court orders has been updated.
LTTA/4050 Rent for overlap period in case of grant of further lease and LTTA/4060 Tenant holding over: new lease backdated to previous year
The 5 examples to accompany the guidance on ‘overlap relief: rent taken into account’ have been moved from LTTA/4060 to the correct location in LTTA/4050
LTTA/4100 Agreements for lease, assignments and variations
Clarity around the lease start date has been provided.
LTTA/4060 Tenant holding over: new lease backdated to previous year
Clarity around the lease start date and the effective date of the transaction has been provided.
LTTA/4030 Duration of Leases and overlapping leases: fixed terms, continuing leases, grant of new lease, indefinite terms, successive leases, etc.
Under the guidance for ‘leases that continue after a fixed term: grant of a new lease’, clarity around the lease start date has been provided.
LTTA/4070 Rent and other consideration- lease specific consideration rules
Minor change to say that, where ‘rent’ does not include consideration payable before a new lease is granted, in most circumstances (rather than in some circumstances) such payments prior to the grant of the lease may be taxed as a premium.
LTTA/6160 Deferral of tax-Contingent or uncertain consideration
Addition of link to LTTA/6230 Calculation of deferrable amount
Differences between LTT and SDLT
New table detailing the key differences between the 2 taxes
Update to our guidance on the General Anti-Avoidance Rule and the role of the WRA Tax Opinions Service
How to pay Land Transaction Tax
Update to reflect the correct BACS payment process schedule
LTTA/8080 Subsidiary dwellings
Clarification on references to ‘subsidiary dwellings’ and associated valuations, with accompanying updates to the examples
LTTA/2261 Fixtures and fittings
New section with guidance on ‘fixtures and fittings’
LTTA/2260 Chargeable consideration, LTTA/2270 Money or money’s worth
Definition of chargeable consideration moved from LTTA/2270 to correct location in LTTA/2260
LTTA/8150 Interest acquired in the same main residence
Addition of reference to ‘spouse or civil partner’
LTTA/1040 Meaning of effective date transaction
Update and clarification to existing process with addition of internal links
LTTA/8020 The higher rates conditions
Addition of reference to ‘spouse or civil partner’ and addition of condition around chargeable consideration with internal link
LTTA/2350 Exchanges
Removal of reference to ‘connected persons’
LTTA/8250 Partnerships-interests acquired by a partner
Update to internal link