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Information on the number of job opportunities created and filled, and other management information from the Jobs Growth Wales scheme for September 2015 to 10 September 2019.

Jobs Growth Wales 2

The Jobs Growth Wales 2 programme was announced on 13 May 2015. The first jobs were advertised in mid-June 2015 and delivery commenced in September 2015.

Since the introduction of the Jobs Growth Wales 2 scheme until 10 September 2019:

  • The number of job opportunities created and approved(1) was 7,197.
  • The number of job opportunities filled was 3,989.
  • The total number of applications received was 52,623, whilst the number of applicants was 18,552.

The destination data(2) show that(3)

  • 2,661 participants completed a six month opportunity, of which 2,294 were in employment, self-employment, an apprenticeship or further learning
  • 748 participants left the scheme early, of which 228 were in employment, self-employment, an apprenticeship or further learning


(1) Includes job opportunities that were created and approved by the Welsh Government. This includes job opportunities that were withdrawn prior to an applicant being recruited.

(2) This includes recycled jobs. For example one job opportunity may result in an early leaver and a completed 6 month opportunity.  The destinations data are based on immediate destination following either the completion of an opportunity or at the point of leaving the scheme early.

(3) Due to early leavers and withdrawal of some opportunities it is difficult to draw comparisons between job opportunities, jobs created and participants. For example where someone leaves a job opportunity that opportunity can be given to another person – this typically happens if that person leaves the opportunity within the first 4 weeks.


The data used in this headline comes from the Management Information System held by the Welsh Government, which is compiled from Jobs Growth Wales Providers and Careers Wales. 

The first Jobs Growth Wales scheme started in April 2012 and ended in April 2015.


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