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Independant Remuneration Panel for Wales


Annual and supplementary reports and other publications issued by the Panel.

Financial Year 2019/20 - Draft Annual Report

Sets the range and maximum level of allowances payable for the financial year 2019/20.

Reimbursement of Costs of Care

The Panel have made available a reimbursement of cost of care form and receipts to be presented for the reimbursement for any additional costs incurred by members in order for them to carry out their approved duties. 

Report on the Summer visits 2017 to all Principal Councils in Wales

The Panel visited all 22 Principal councils during the summer of 2017, the report evidences their findings.

Annual reports

Each year the Panel must produce an Annual Report, which sets out the type and levels of payments that authorities may or must make available to their members and co-opted members.  

Supplementary reports

The Panel may produce supplementary reports at any time.

Recommendations on Chief Executive and Chief Officer Remuneration

The Panel is able to take a view, in relation to Principal Councils and Fire and Rescue Authorities, on anything in their Pay Policy Statement which relates to the salary of their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Officers.

Historical reports  

Reports and consultations previously issued by the Panel.