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When to use images and how to describe them on GOV.WALES.

First published:
31 March 2021
Last updated:

When to use images

Only use images if they:

  • are necessary to explain something which cannot be explained using text, for example a map
  • help users understand information in a different way, for example a graph

Text is usually preferred as it:

  • is more accessible, for example easier to read using screen magnifiers
  • resizes better across devices
  • tends to be more visible to search

Avoid images which contain text. Write it in the body text instead.

Describing images (alt text)

Alt text is used as an alternative to an image for people who use assistive technology, like screen reading software.

Add alt text for:

  • images including information not provided elsewhere on the page

Do not add alt text for:

  • decorative images
  • images duplicating information provided as text on the page

Alt text must tell people what information the image provides.

Do not start alt text with ‘image of’ or similar, a screen reader will tell the user an image is present and they do not need to be told twice.