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2. Register your organisation

What you’ll need to complete the form:

  • your organisation’s name, address, and Companies House number (or an alternative form of identification if you are not registered with Companies House)
  • your Natural Resources Wales permit number/s
  • information about the sites you wish to register (e.g. address)
  • the name, postal and email addresses and telephone number for the person you would like to act as the online account administrator

The WRA will contact you for further information if necessary. Your online account administrator should receive a response in the post within 2 weeks of submitting your application. 

If your organisation is a company that is part of a larger group of companies and the group are registering multiple companies and want these companies to be treated as a single Group for the purposes of Landfill Disposal Tax, you must first register each company individually and then inform the WRA that you wish to make a group registration for those companies.

If you disagree with the outcome of your application you can request a review or appeal the decision made by the WRA.

How we use your information

See our privacy policy for how we use the information you provide.