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Please read this guidance before you complete your form.

  1. This form must be completed electronically other than the signature and date, this must be done in ink.
  2. Use a personal email address. The email provided on the Vendor details form must be used to send the vendor details form and both claim forms to us. You will need access to this email account for the duration of the claim period. University email addresses will not be accepted.
  3. Sign and date. Once the details in this form has been completed you will need to print the Vendor details form to date and sign it. This must be done in ink.
  4. Once you have signed and dated the vendor details form, you will need to return it in PDF format via email to
  5. Do not complete the ‘company registration number’ or ‘VAT number’: this is a standard Welsh Government form and these sections do not apply to individuals.

Ensure the form is completed in full.

Forms not completed correctly or that are returned incomplete cannot not be accepted and will be returned.