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Guidance for local authorities on how to establish and run arrival hubs.

First published:
13 July 2022
Last updated:

Overarching concept

A network of Arrival Hubs and Welcome Centres are being established in Wales to support the arrival of people from Ukraine under the Super Sponsor Scheme. However they must also support people travelling to private sponsors and families. 

Welcome Centres will accommodate people for up to three months before they move into longer term accommodation in the community.  Arrival Hubs will support the flow of people coming to Welcome Centres in Wales. People may arrive in Wales and want to travel to other locations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Arrival Hubs should liaise with their equivalents in other Nations to support people travelling there.

The main role of Arrival Hubs is to support the acute health and welfare needs of travellers and to facilitate their onward travel plans. Arrival Hubs should be highly visible, staffed during busy periods with an on‑call night service. The functions of Arrival Hubs should include:

  • the provision of an area for private conversations, rest, refreshments
  • access to power, toilets and baby changing facilities
  • provision of emergency overnight accommodation
  • access to communications (phones/WiFi)
  • distribution of SIM cards
  • access to interpreter services
  • support for acute health & welfare needs
  • signposting people to immigration advice
  • links with local travel operators for support on onward travel

Local authorities are best placed to lead on establishing and managing Arrival Hubs in their areas.  They will have support from delivery partners including the Welsh Government, Local Resilience Forums, transport providers and volunteer organisations. 

Local authorities have established Arrival Hubs at the following key transport points:    

Local authority

Transport point

Anglesey County Council

Holyhead Port

Pembrokeshire County Council

Fishguard Port

Pembroke Dock

Vale of Glamorgan County Council

Cardiff Airport

Cardiff County Council

Cardiff Central Railway Station

Wrexham County Council

Wrexham General Railway Station

Other transport points across the UK should help people who want to come to Wales by signposting them to information. Arrival Hubs should support the movement of vulnerable people if they be unable to travel unaided. 

A 24/7 Contact Centre and helpline is available to support and coordinate people travelling. 

Contact details

Inside the UK: 0808 175 1508

Outside the UK: +44(0) 20 4542 5671

The helpline includes access to translator services.

Coordinating instructions

Arrival Hub process map

Welsh Government Officials have worked with local authorities to produce a process map for Arrival Hubs. The aim is to provide guidance to local authorities on the processes that should be followed at Arrival Hubs to support arriving travellers. 

Welcome Centres

Five Welsh Government Welcome Centres are already operational. Ukrainians who have come to Wales through the Super Sponsor route will be allocated to one of these Welcome Centres, this will be done centrally by Welsh Government and Ukrainians will be informed of where to go through an email from the contact centre.

Please do not direct someone to a Welcome Centre unless they have been told to go there by the Contact Centre.

If they are unsure, please get in touch with the Contact Centre via the helpline 0808 175 1508.

The locations of the Welcome Centres are confidential and shared only on a need to know basis to protect the privacy of Ukrainians arriving in these centres.


Welsh Government Officials are working with Transport for Wales to set up a central booking system for private hire vehicles to take people directly from Arrival Hubs to Welcome Centres. This will be funded centrally through the Welsh Government using funds agreed by Welsh Ministers to support Arrival Hubs.

Read more information about travel.


Welsh Ministers have agreed to provide funding to Local Authorities to support the establishment of Arrival Hubs. Grant Awards are being made to Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Wrexham, Anglesey and Pembrokeshire Local Authorities formally confirming the funding and the process to retrospectively claim costs. 

Each local authority has been granted up to £100,000 for a two month period from 1 May 2022.  Further support may be considered in the future depending on the duration of the scheme and the future availability of funds.  Money has been allocated to the areas in the table below.  





Emergency Accommodation    








Transport costs are to support the movement of people from Arrival Hubs to Welcome Centres. This will be through a combination of locally agreed arrangements and a central private hire vehicle booking system (see above).

Emergency accommodation costs will cover those people requiring overnight accommodation where they cannot move directly to a Welcome Centre or if they are travelling to an individual sponsor. Workforce costs are intended to cover the staffing costs for Arrival Hubs. Miscellaneous costs are designed to cover spending such as the development of welcome packs, signage, infrastructure and also provide local authorities with flexibility.

Data management

The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) in UK Government will pass information to Devolved Governments on sponsors and guests who have applied for visas (including the accommodation address) who have been individually sponsored. This information is being shared with local authorities. DLUHC will also provide Devolved Governments with live data on expected arrivals.

Information on arriving travellers under the Super Sponsor scheme is being shared with local authorities and Welcome Centres. A Data Management Platform is being developed on a national basis. This will provide a live database accessed only by key partners. Local authorities can run management reports once it is established. The Contact Centre will provide information on travellers arriving under the Super Sponsor scheme as an interim solution.


The digital assets below are available to promote the Croeso Nation of Sanctuary helpline. Full colour and reduced colour versions have been included to support local production. White boxes have also been included on posters to allow Arrival Hubs to include out of hours contact information in case people need to speak to someone outside of the helpline opening hours. 

  • Social media assets to promote the helpline to people arriving from Ukraine (These are available in English, Welsh, Ukrainian and Russian, and in Twitter and Facebook friendly formats).
  • Social media assets to promote the helpline to people interested in being sponsors (These are available in English and Welsh and in Twitter and Facebook friendly formats).
  • A downloadable poster for display in Arrival Hubs and other useful settings (This directs people arriving from Ukraine to the helpline. There is a bilingual Welsh/English version and a bilingual Ukrainian/Russian version).

Full details about the digital assets is available from the Objective Connect information platform please contact to arrange access.

Four nations integration

People travelling through Wales to Scotland, Northern Ireland and England should be signposted to Arrival Hub equivalents in the other nations. A list with contact details for Arrival Hub equivalents across the Four nations is being developed. This will be updated and shared with local authorities as it is developed further. This information can also be used to coordinate the movement of vulnerable people between nations.

Contact details for Contact Centre and Arrival Hubs in Wales:




Contact centre and helpline

UK telephone: 0808 175 1508

Outside UK: +44(0) 20 4542 5671

Open 0800 to 2000hrs. Due to move shortly to 24/7 service.

Arrival hub: Wrexham General Railways Station


Working hours: 01978 315437

Out of hours: 07825043503

Working hours: 07717881459

Out of hours: 07540668547

Arrival hub: Cardiff Airport

Emergency accommodation Ty Iolo hostel email:

Out of hours: 01446 774 634

During office hours Contact Centre accessed via:

Working hours: 01446 700 111

Lead officer: Kate Hollinshead:

Working hours: 01446 709 774

Arrival Hub: Pembroke Dock

Arrival Hub: Fishguard Port

Arrival Hub Duty Team:

Working hours: 01437 775 400

Community support for refugees and sponsors:

Office hours: 01437 776 301

Contact Centre

Working hours: 01437 764551

Out of hours: 03456 015 522

Arrival Hub: Cardiff Central

Ukrainian arrivals lead: 07894 327112 or 07881 277494

Arrival Hub: Holyhead Port

Elliw Llyr Service Manager Housing, Strategy, Commissioning and Policy

Working hours: 01248 752137

Yasmin K Jones Refugee Resettlement Programmes Coordinator:

Out of hours: 07971 169212

This will be updated periodically.

Safeguarding and modern slavery training

Access to free online safeguard training is available. We recommend local authorities use these resources to support the training of Arrival Hub staff. Arrival Hub staff engaging with Ukrainians should also have awareness of modern slavery. There are many free resources on modern slavery, including e-learning courses. The Home Office has produced a Modern Slavery Awareness Booklet.


Read information about pets.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross have offered to provide support to Arrival Hubs and Welcome Centres. This includes compassionate support, information and basics like food, clothes, blankets, financial support and help contacting family members.

Contact details: Henry Barnes British Red Cross Emergency Response Manager for Wales. Email address:

The British Red Cross’ National Support Line 0808 196 3651 is available daily from 10am to 6pm.

Spoken translator support

The Welsh Government is working with local communities to confirm if any Ukrainian people already settled in Wales would be prepared to support Arrival Hubs with spoken translator support. Further information on this initiative will be provided to local authorities in due course. People can also use the Language Line Service. Pin codes can be accessed through the Contact Centre.

COVID-19 testing

The Chief Medical Officer's Office has advised that symptomatic travellers should be offered a lateral flow test (LFT) at Arrival Hubs. People who test positive should be offered emergency accommodation to isolate and have a follow up PCR test. The aim of the follow up PCR is to confirm infectiousness and test for any variants of concern. People may leave isolation after day 5 if they have had two consecutive negative LFTs. They can travel on to their final destination.