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What providers must do as a result of reopening applications for 30 hours of early education and childcare for 3 and 4 year olds.

First published:
6 August 2020
Last updated:

Will I continue to be paid based on booked hours?

The Offer will continue to be paid based on the number of booked hours as long as the child is in regular attendance.

What if I have to close my setting for deep cleaning?

You can continue to receive payment for Offer children based on booked hours to cover the short temporary disruption, unless the child is being funded to attend an alternative setting during the period. Providers are responsible for all costs for a deep clean of their setting.

What if I have to close my setting because staff have Covid-19 or are self‑isolating?

Where a setting is closed because staff cannot attend as they are ill with Covid-19, or are isolating having come into contact with someone who is ill with Covid-19, the Welsh Government will continue to pay the provider based on booked hours for up to two weeks, but only where this cost is not already covered.

However, if the child is accessing alternative provision during this period, the funding will follow the child to the alternative provider. 

Will I be paid in arrears or in advance by the local authority?

This will vary depending on the local authority. You should contact your local authority and discuss this with them.

What do I do if a parent approaches me wanting to take up the Offer but their application has not yet been approved?

An application for the Offer needs to be approved before a child is allowed to take up the Offer. A parent can use childcare whilst they are waiting for their application to be processed but they should do so at their own cost; childcare payments under the Offer are not backdated. As a provider, you must be aware that if an application for Offer funding has not been approved by the local authority, there is a risk that the application may not be approved and the parent will be liable for any costs. This will then need to be resolved between you as the provider and the parent.

What guidance should I follow for the safe operation of my service?

When will the current relaxation of the National Minimum Standards requirements expire?

The current relaxations expire at the end of December. We are monitoring the usage of the relaxations of the National Minimum Standards within the context of the ongoing situation. 

Can I expect my service to be inspected?

You can find more information on inspections on the Care Inspectorate Wales website.

What if I operate from a community, church or chapel hall?

You can continue to do so as long as the owner/manager of the property agrees and that all relevant protective measures are observed.