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Sian from Anglesey

Paddleboarder makes waves with superfast connection

Sian Sykes, 37 from Llangaffo, Anglesey who owns and runs Psyched Paddleboarding, is experiencing first-hand how a superfast internet service can not only help to run her business more effectively but also make watching boxsets and movies more enjoyable and shopping online simpler.

With conventional broadband speeds restricting her ability to edit and share her paddleboarding videos on YouTube and social media platforms, Sian decided to make the switch to superfast broadband as soon as it became available in her area.

Sian said: “I relocated back home to Wales from London where I worked in creative media because I wanted a better quality of life. In London superfast broadband speeds are in place as standard practise so it was really frustrating to come home to Wales and not be able to download videos without them buffering or timing out. As soon as the fibre optic cables became available in my area I jumped at the opportunity to take up the new service.

“Now I can download, edit and upload videos from The Cloud and the internet at the click of a button while also producing richer, more interesting content which is getting far more engagement and interaction on my social media channels. It has made running my business from home so much easier.

“Running my own paddleboarding business means I am on the water running paddleboarding activities all day and need some well-earned down time in the evenings. “This is when I enjoy relaxing in front of a good movie with my dog Ruby and want to be able to download it quickly and easily from NetFlix. The superfast connection means I don’t have to hang around and wait for the film to download and there is no buffering or stalling.  It just makes the whole viewing experience more enjoyable rather frustrating as you try to guess what they are saying while the sound tries to catch up with the picture.

“I also use the superfast connection to FaceTime customers, business associates and friends and since making the switch it’s been so easy to connect with people and stay in touch, especially since moving away from London where I still have a number of friends.

“Lastly I need to buy a lot of the equipment for my paddleboarding business from specialist outlets online and the superfast connection just makes shopping online quicker, easier, simpler and more enjoyable. I’d recommend upgrading to anyone as it literally makes a difference to so many aspects of your life.”