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Sheri from Wenvoe

Superfast broadband will be crucial for planning our wedding abroad

A newly-engaged young couple from Wenvoe, Sheri Hall and her fiancé, are supporting the Welsh Government campaign after experiencing first-hand how a superfast internet service can make a massive difference to every-day life while also helping to organise their wedding abroad.

As a busy working couple, Sheri and her fiancé, who only moved to Wenvoe from Cardiff in September, rely on the internet for everything from streaming movies and boxsets to gaming and planning their wedding abroad.

Sheri said, “Having lived in the centre of Cardiff for the past few years we’ve been used to having a really good superfast connection so when we moved to Wenvoe back in September where phone signal and 3G service is poor, we knew we’d need to negotiate a good broadband package with our provider.

“My fiancé is a very enthusiastic gamer and spends all his spare time playing online games against people in all corners of the world. It would be literally impossible for him to do this with conventional broadband so superfast was a necessity for him. It also means that I can be on the internet at the same time as him, whether it be surfing or streaming a programme, it makes no difference to the speed or efficiency of either of our activities.

“Aside from the superfast broadband connection being able to satisfy my fiancé’s’ appetite for gaming, it is also crucial for me to be able to keep in touch with my parents in Swansea. I really need a dependable and efficient WiFi connection in order to make ‘What’s App’ calls because the phone reception is so poor. Without a superfast broadband connection I think I’d really struggle to speak to them as regularly as I’d like and since our engagement I’ve been talking to my mum on a daily basis to discuss engagement party and wedding plans.” 

“Our superfast broadband connection has also proved to be amazing for streaming movies and box sets as well as catching up on programmes we might’ve missed. We can literally watch them at the touch of a button, even if they’re still downloading and there’s no buffering or stalling, it’s all instantaneous. It just helps takes the stress out and frustration out of everyday life.

“I can’t praise the service enough, it just makes so many mundane tasks like online banking or grocery shopping so much easier while adding value and enjoyment to leisure time. It also cheaper than you might think so generally doesn’t break the bank either. For us it was a no brainer and I’d really recommend it to everyone.”