With FTTP technology you can benefit from download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 30Mbps.

Some premises will be enabled for superfast broadband via FTTP, where a fibre optic cable runs all the way directly to your home or business.

However, not all service providers currently offer the service so you might not be informed by your current service provider that it is available and may need to consider changing providers.

Also, because not all service providers offer FTTP services, when you contact a new service provider you could be told that superfast broadband/fibre broadband/FTTP isn’t available. You may also experience this if you use a price comparison website and FTTP suppliers aren’t listed. This is the choice of the service provider or price comparison website.

Known FTTP service providers in Wales include:

  • 4Com Ltd
  • Andrews and Arnold
  • BCC IT
  • BT Retail
  • Cerberus Networks Ltd
  • Dyfed Superfast
  • Entanet
  • FluidOne
  • OptaNet
  • PCQ
  • Tel Cymru
  • West Wales Systems
  • Zen Internet

This list is subject to change and Welsh Government does not endorse any company or service. To order an FTTP service, contact these suppliers directly.

If having contacted one of these suppliers you are still having issues ordering an FTTP service, please use our help form for further assistance.