Answers to common questions about getting faster broadband.

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I need superfast broadband now, what help is there?

Read our What are my options? page to see how you may be able to get connected now.

I need superfast broadband for my business, what support is there?

You can check your broadband options on  our What are my options? page.  In addition, Business Wales (external link) can help you understand the benefits of adopting superfast broadband.

How do I order a fibre broadband service?

Follow step one of our What are my options? page to see if you can already access a fibre broadband service. If you do have access, you will need to upgrade or place an order with a provider of your choice. This won’t happen automatically.

You can check directly with broadband providers or through price comparison websites.

If your property has a “Fibre to the Premises” connection you will need to use a provider that offers services this way.

Information about how to order can be found on the Fibre to the premises page.

I can’t get fibre broadband, what other technologies can I use?

Information about other ways to connect your property to broadband can be found on our alternative broadband technologies page.

I’m part of a community that wants faster broadband, what help is available?

Information about setting up a community broadband project can be found on our community led broadband page.

What did the Superfast Cymru project do?

Superfast Cymru provided almost 733,000 premises across Wales with access to fast fibre broadband and, as a result of this work, superfast broadband coverage has more than doubled in Wales. Find out more on our ‘Broadband in Wales’ page.

Will there be further rollout of superfast broadband?

We are continuing the roll-out of fast reliable broadband to extend coverage even further. However, fibre is not the only answer to faster speeds and will not be suitable for every premises.

To reach the remaining premises multiple solutions are needed to meet the unique challenges presented by Wales’ topography and population spread. It is just one of a suite of measures in place to offer fast reliable broadband to all. To understand how you might be able to get faster broadband now read our What are my options? page.

My cabinet has been enabled for fibre but due to high capacity I am unable to order a superfast service

Once a cabinet has been enabled to go live, the network is maintained and operated by Openreach. Openreach actively monitor cabinets. When they see that one is reaching capacity they schedule it for an upgrade. 

Openreach aim to provide extra capacity as soon as possible for areas experiencing high levels of demand. This can take time to plan and may mean making changes to the infrastructure to accommodate the extra equipment needed. In some cases, Openreach may need to supply an extra fibre cabinet.

If you experience this particular issue please contact use using our enquiry form

What is Fibre on Demand?

More information can be found on our Fibre on Demand page.

Why don't I get the speed I pay for?

Companies advertise the maximum possible speed your line can receive. However, there are many things that can affect the actual speed you get:

  • the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange or fibre cabinet you are connected to
  • the time of day
  • how many people or devices using  your internet connection at the same time
  • how many people using the same website as you
  • whether your device is connected to the router with a cable or wirelessly and if connected wirelessly, the location of your router
  • the quality of the telephone cable in your premises
  • the age of your device or router
  • how many applications you are running on your device
  • the weather.

For practical tips on improving your broadband speed visit Ofcom's website.

Properties near to mine can access superfast broadband, why can’t I?

Different factors can affect the maximum broadband speed to premises. Distance from the cabinet to your premises is one example. As the distance from the cabinet increases, the quality and strength of the broadband signal decreases. This means that some premises may be able to access an improved speed, but not a superfast speed.

Why go superfast?

Superfast broadband allows you to communicate and share the things that are most important to you in a quicker and more reliable way. Whether you're surfing the web, chatting to family on the other side of the world or discovering new places to visit, with a high speed internet connection it's so much better.