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Our vision

Our vision is that Wales becomes a multilingual nation ensuring our learners experience the range of benefits from learning international languages as they develop as ambitious, capable learners ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to support all learners to become global citizens, able to speak to people in other languages, to understand and appreciate their own and other cultures and to be able to have access to a wide range of opportunities both here in Wales and across the world.

Our aims

Our strategic aims for the next two years are to:

  • increase the number of young learners studying languages at all levels and across all sectors
  • provide clear guidance, principles and raise awareness in all sectors to support multilingualism in schools in Wales
  • support excellent teaching and learning of international languages for all learners

Each aim is supported by strategic actions, which will be delivered by ourselves and our Global Futures partners.


'Global Futures: A plan to improve and promote modern foreign languages in Wales 2020 to 2022' will support learners as we transition to our new curriculum. The Languages, Literacy and Communication (LLC) Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE) will support language learning with the introduction of additional languages at a much younger age to ignite learners’ enthusiasm for a lifelong interest in languages, which opens the door to other people’s cultures.

The Welsh Government wants our schools to be rich language-learning environments and to support them to understand that being able to speak one or more international languages in conjunction with other skills will assist learners in opening doors to exciting work possibilities as well as enriching their personal lives.

This plan sets out a framework for our work over the next two years. We will publish a more detailed version clearly outlining how we and our partners intend to meet these actions later this year.

Our Global Futures partners

This plan sets out the actions that will be taken forward by the Welsh Government, regional education consortia and our Global Futures partners to achieve our aims.

The Welsh Government will continue to work in partnership with key stakeholders, drawing on their knowledge, expertise and experience of supporting teachers and learners.

To oversee this plan and programme we will continue to work with our Global Futures Steering Group, comprising representatives from:

  • schools
  • regional education consortia
  • Universities Wales
  • Goethe-Institut
  • Institut Français
  • the Spanish Embassy Education office
  • Education Department of the Italian Consulate
  • Confucius Institutes
  • British Council Wales
  • Estyn
  • Routes into Languages Cymru
  • the Open University in Wales
  • International School Linking, City of Cardiff Council
  • BBC Wales
  • Careers Wales
  • Qualifications Wales

Strategic aim 1: Increase the number of learners studying languages at all levels and across all sectors

The new curriculum will bring language learning together into one LLC AoLE. We want to align with the ethos of the new curriculum, which focuses on a wider range of opportunities and experiences for learners.

The LLC AoLE sets out the expectation that all learners will learn at least one international language from primary school (progression is shown in descriptions of learning from Progression step 3, which broadly relates to age 11).

The revised plan will support teachers to give our learners the best opportunity to develop communication skills in international languages from primary through to secondary.

We will also incorporate an evaluation for the two years of the programme. We need to have a clear and measurable target for the increase and give a strong indication of the improvements being made and provide visible reassurance that the numbers of learners taking a qualification will increase in time.

The following strategic actions set out how we will meet this aim.

Strategic action 1

  • Support primary schools to plan their international language provision.

Strategic action 2

  • Increase the opportunities for learners to experience languages alongside examination courses.

Strategic action 3

  • Work to reduce the marginalisation of languages.

Strategic action 4

  • Undertake an external evaluation of the Global Futures programme.

Strategic aim 2: Provide clear guidance, principles and raise awareness in all sectors to support multilingualism in schools in Wales

There is clear evidence that the issue with take-up of languages is in part owing to learners’ and parents’ lack of understanding of the value of languages, but is also owing to a lack of ‘buy in’ from senior managers as to the importance of languages as part of the curriculum. The following strategic actions set out how we will address this issue.

Strategic action 5

  • Deliver a national campaign that addresses the negative perceptions of language learning.

Strategic action 6

  • Provide guidance for schools that sets out approaches to school planning and prioritising of languages. The guidance will apply to the current curriculum but will also support schools as they transition to the new curriculum.

Strategic aim 3: Support excellent teaching and learning of international languages for all learners

The Welsh Government wants to build on the direct support provided by our partners to all schools to support the teaching and learning of international languages. 

Strategic action 7

  • Provide direct support to secondary schools via the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Student Mentoring Scheme for 2020–21 led by Cardiff University.

Strategic action 8

  • Provide direct support to primary teachers via the Open University TEachers Learning to Teach languages (TELT) programme.

Strategic action 9

  • Consortia to provide support through the regional Hub model.

Strategic action 10

  • Expand our collaboration work with Global Futures partners.