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Additional infrastructure investment

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Our innovative Housing Finance Grant scheme has funded the building of over 1,000 affordable homes throughout Wales using an alternative form of finance.
The 21st Century Schools and Education Capital Programme is about creating learning environments designed to improve the delivery of education in the 21st Century.
With the devolution of tax powers to Wales, the funding arrangements for the Welsh Government will change.
Welsh Government schemes that use innovative ways of funding capital investment.

Given significant reductions in our capital budget, our aim is to make possible additional investment over and above levels supported by capital budgets. 

The Housing Finance Grant

The Welsh Government will launch a £250m extension of the Housing Finance Grant in 2017-18. The grant, launched in September 2013, has made possible the building of over 1000 new homes. The extension will provide for a further 1500  to 2000  homes.

The Coastal Risk Management Programme

From 2018, the Welsh Government will enable local authorities to invest £150m over 3 years in new coastal risk management assets. 

The Local Government Borrowing Initiative

The Local Government Borrowing Initiative enabled £170m of new investment in Welsh highways. We have widened the scheme to include the 21st Century Schools Programme, releasing a further £170m funding for new and refurbished school buildings.

Direct capital borrowing

The Welsh Government will make full use of the £1bn of direct capital borrowing as a result of provisions in the Wales Act 2014 and the new fiscal framework.

Taken together with the Mutual Investment Model, these schemes will generate almost £2bn of additional investment in Welsh infrastructure.