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Horizontal and sectoral state aid rules

Horizontal state aid rules apply to any industry; sectoral rules apply to specific industries.

To use the horizontal or sectoral rules you must formally notify the European Commission of what you wish to do and wait for a formal decision before any state aid is given. This may take 9 to 18 months.

It is often quicker to check if the aid can come under GBER or de minimis regulations. It may even be advisable to amend the scheme to bring it in line with the GBER.

The horizontal rules cover:

Regional aid (external link)
Research and development and innovation (external link)
Environmental and energy aid (external link)
Risk capital (external link)
Rescue and restructuring aid (external link)
Training aid (external link)
Disabled and disadvantaged workers aid (external link)

The sectoral rules cover:

Audiovisual production (external link)
Broadband (external link)
Broadcasting (external link)
Electricity (stranded costs) (external link)
Postal services (external link)
Shipbuilding (external link)
        Rescue and restructuring aid and closure aid (external link)
        Regional aid for large investment projects (external link)
        Competition cases resulting from the expiry of the ECSC Treaty (external link)
Synthetic fibres - Motor vehicles industry (external link)
Air transport
        Aviation (external link)
        Financing for airports (external link)
        Ship management (external link)
        Motorways of the sea (external link)
        Maritime transport (external link)
Rail and Road
        Public passenger transport services 1 (external link)
        Public passenger transport services 2 (external link)