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Welsh schemes registered under the General Block Exemption Regulation

Welsh Government support for sports, multifunctional and local infrastructure projects scheme Ref: SA.49702

To provide investment support for sports and multifunctional recreational infrastructure.

Welsh Government Support for Newly-created Enterprises Scheme Ref: SA.51014

To allow the Welsh Government to assist with the development of the most disadvantaged regions in Wales by supporting sustainable investment, job creation and safeguarding employment.

Welsh Government Wales Screen Fund Ref: SA.39240

The fund will provide support for scriptwriting, development, production, distribution and promotion of audio-visual works.

Welsh Books Council - Culture and Heritage Conservation Scheme (Literature) Ref: SA.49773

To provide funding for English-language publishing with a Welsh cultural focus in order to ensure that a wide range of literature from Wales and about Wales is available to readers.

Welsh Government SME Development Scheme Ref: SA.49657

To encourage small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Wales to actively promote consultancy activity and participation in trade fairs.

Welsh Government Environmental Protection Scheme Ref: SA.49638

To support investment which increases the level of environmental protection in Wales.

Welsh Government Research, Development and Innovation Scheme Ref: SA.49639

To allow the support of research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities primarily in undertakings and research organisations.

Welsh Government Support for Employment Scheme (Disabled and Disadvantaged workers) Ref: SA.49701

To provide incentives to Welsh businesses to recruit and retain disadvantaged and disabled workers.

Welsh Government Culture and Heritage Conservation Scheme Ref: SA.49637

This scheme aims to facilitate the development of heritage and cultural properties, sites or locations where the intention is to enable improved access, interpretation, and usage of these assets.

Welsh Government Capital Investment Aid and Employment Aid Scheme Ref: SA.49662

This scheme aims to provide capital investment support and employment support to companies in Wales.

Welsh Government Support for Training Scheme Ref: SA.49664

Details of the Welsh Government Training Scheme

Welsh Government Property Development Scheme Ref: SA.49663

Details of the Welsh Government Property Development Scheme General Block Exemption Regulation.

Welsh Government support for maritime and inland ports scheme Ref: SA.48643

To enable the development of port infrastructure in order to support the further development of the marine and maritime transport sector in Wales.