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Wales and EU Networks

The Welsh Government, along with many Welsh institutions and organisations, participate in a range of EU networks both formally and informally.

These relationships have resulted in many positive benefits for people in Wales, and we hope to continue to support Wales’ participation in many of them following leaving the EU. 

Below is a list of networks we are aware of that have Welsh members or that the Welsh Government participate in. This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome you to email us at to let us know of a network your organisation is a member of which is not listed. 

We are aware that leaving the EU may result in issues for Welsh organisations around future participation and membership of EU networks. If your organisation is experiencing difficulties or barriers to future participation, please also get in touch via the above email address to see if we can help address them and support you. 

EU Networks that Welsh Government is a member of:

GM Network (external link)
Four-Motors (external link)
Vanguard Initiative (external link)
see also the entry immediately below on 'Reference Site Collaborative Network'
see also above 'European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing'
REGAL Network ('Innovative and entrepreneurial European regions for territorial development in food and well-being')
British Chambers of Commerce - Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France

EU Networks that the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) is a member of: 

North-West Europe (INTERREG / ETC) (external link)
Atlantic Area Strategy  (external link)
Atlantic Area (INTERREG / ETC) (external link)
Ireland/Wales (INTERREG / ETC) (external link)
INTERREG Europe (INTERREG / ETC) (external link)
INTERACT (INTERREG / ETC) (external link)
URBACT (external link)
ESPON (external link)
ESF Evaluation Partnership - but only accessible by members (external link)
ERDF Evaluation Network (external link)
IQ-Net (external link)

Networks that have Welsh organisations as members:

UK Brussels Offices (UKBO)
European Local Authority Network (ELAN)
Cine regions (external link)
Culture Action Europe (external link)
IETM (Formerly known as Informal European Theatre Meeting) (external link)
EUROCITIES (external link)
Eurochild (external link)
European Nostra (cultural heritage network) (external link)