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Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit

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We are continuing with the delivery of our EU funding programmes in Wales.
Supporting rural communities and businesses, and ensuring that natural resources are used sustainably.
European Maritime and Fisheries Fund is the European fund established to provide support for adapting to the Common Fisheries Policy.
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Decades of Wales’ partnership with the EU leaves a legacy on which to build our economic future.

We still have time to run on our EU funding programmes 2014–2020, but now is the time to discuss the future.

The publication of the policy paper Regional investment in Wales after Brexit in December 2017 was the first step in the process of designing a new approach to regional economic development and investment in Wales. It forms one in a series of Securing Wales’ Future papers setting out our vision for Wales once we have left the EU.  

Engagement responses

Following the publication of Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit in December 2017, we carried out a range of activities to seek views on the ideas and proposals in the paper.

Partners across Wales had the opportunity to comment through a variety of channels including a questionnaire, online survey and events in north and south Wales.  

The responses received from the engagement activity have been independently analysed and are published in the Regional Investment in Wales after Brexit - Engagement Report below. 

The Welsh Government will now consider these findings over the summer to help set out next steps for the development of a regional investment policy for Wales outside of the EU.