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Culture and sport grants

We fund a number of organisations which give out grants in relation to culture, heritage and sport.

The Wales for Africa grant supports projects that build mutually beneficial links between Wales and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Arts Council of Wales (external website) provides a range of grants for individuals and organisations to support the arts in Wales.

Cadw (external website) gives grants to help repair and maintain important buildings and monuments.

Sport Wales (external website) distributes grants to schemes that increase levels of physical activity and sport in Wales.

Funding for museums, archives and libraries promotes the delivery of high quality services by museums, archives and libraries in Wales.

Food Festival Grants provide financial support for food festivals that help develop a vibrant Welsh food culture.

The Welsh Books Council (external website) provides publishing grants for literary books and magazines.

Literature Wales (external website) funds up to 30% of the costs of appropriate literary events concerned with the creation and development of creative writing.

The Welsh Government provides grants to organisations that promote the use of the Welsh language and facilitate use of the Welsh language through technology and digital media.