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Tax policy framework

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Developing the tax devolution agenda in Wales.

Tax advice

Expert advice and engagement has been established to inform tax policy development.

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government regularly meets with a Tax Advisory Group. The Tax Forum provides a two-way conversation with tax professionals and Welsh Government officials about the development of tax policy and legislation.

Tax principles

Welsh taxes should:

  • raise revenue to fund public services as fairly as possible
  • deliver Welsh Government policy objectives, in particular supporting jobs and growth
  • be clear, stable and simple
  • be developed through collaboration and involvement
  • contribute directly to the Well Being of Future Generations Act goal of creating a more equal Wales.

The Tax Policy work plan 2018 outlines the Welsh Government’s priorities for the year. The Welsh Tax Policy Report 2017 outlines progress towards the 2017 work plan. It was  published as part of the draft budget for 2018-19.

Rates and bands 2018-19

Please note: The Welsh Tax Policy Report 2017 includes the rates and bands for land transaction tax and landfill disposals tax for 2018-19 which were proposed at the time of the Welsh Government's draft Budget, in October 2017. Following changes announced in the UK government Budget in November, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance announced revised land transaction tax residential rates in December. The regulations to bring these rates and bands into effect were agreed by the National Assembly for Wales on 30 January and these are the rates which will apply from 1 April 2018. These rates and updated analysis are published in the Welsh Tax Policy Report 2017 – Devolved taxes update.

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Welsh Tax Policy Report 2017 (File size: 1.7MB)
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