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Centre of Excellence for Welsh Food

Project Status: Approved
  • Programme: Convergence ERDF
  • Priority: 4
  • Theme: 3
  • Strategic Framework: Sustainable Regeneration Framework for Central Wales Spatial Plan Area
  • Lead sponsor: Furnace Farm Limited
  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Joint sponsors: Furnace Farm Limited, Tiernay Fedrick, TMF- Targeted Match Funding
  • Regional area(s): Central, North, Central, North
  • Project start date: 07/2008
  • Project end date: 07/2015
  • EU funds awarded: £1,970,255.98
  • EU funds paid on project completion: £1,970,255.98
  • National funds: £4,473,851.02
  • Targeted Match Fund: Yes
  • Case ID: 80005
Centre of Excellence for Welsh Food The adaptation of abandoned farm buildings for economic use. The Farm buildings are 5 minutes from the A55 and next to a popular National Trust site. A private investor is providing 50% of the costs. The project aims to create a retail outlet for local products, catering facilities for innovation with local food and a culinary school. A separate application has been made for new cheese production facilities on the site.
Indicator Project target Actual achievements
Gross jobs created (FTE) 48 48
Initiatives developing the natural and/or historic environment (number) 1 1
Visits (number) 405,000 405,000
Project achievements are based on final payment claims authorised by WEFO. In some cases, projects are required to report their output achievements to WEFO after financial completion.