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EU Funds Awards 2018

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We are looking for EU funded projects which are demonstrating best practice to showcase their achievements.


ESF Projects

Category 1: Best Mentor

The European Social Fund helps millions of people from all walks of life gain new skills, training and employment, addressing challenges in our labour market. It also offers support to those who are most disadvantaged in our communities and at risk of social exclusion, as well as helping young people to unlock their potential and improve their career prospects.

We want to hear the success stories of mentors who have helped individuals seize opportunities presented by the European Social Fund, going above and beyond to help individuals develop new skills, secure a job or find a new career path.

ERDF Projects

Category 2: Best cultural heritage project

We are looking for high quality innovative projects, which have significantly improved Wales’ physical infrastructure or environment through cultural heritage.  It could be a project that has successfully stimulated economic growth, for example a tourism project that has attracted a large increase in visitors.

How to apply

To take part, project sponsors should complete the application form attached below and send to:

It is possible to nominate more than one person / project per category.

Closing date for entries is 10 September 2018.

Winners will be announced at our annual event later in 2018.

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