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1. Background

The Welsh Government and the Government of Quebec invite you to submit an application for financial support to carry out a cooperation project as part of the second Wales-Quebec Joint Call for Proposals.

Following the Declaration of Intent on collaboration between the Welsh Government and the Government of Quebec signed on 25 February 2020, but without being limited by the foregoing, the Welsh Government and the Government of Quebec jointly developed a call for proposals originally covering the fields of research, innovation, and sustainability.

Due to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and global health emergency, we decided to refocus the Call for Proposals to prioritise sustainability, economic development, research and innovation, with responding and contributing to the recovery efforts for COVID-19 at the core of each project selected.

Following the success of last year’s call, this year we are thrilled to announce a second Joint Call for Proposals for 2021. In light of the importance and intangible benefit of our artistic and cultural organisations to society in both Wales and Quebec, we are broadening this year’s Call to include projects in arts and culture and encourage organisations working in the creative sectors in Wales and Quebec to apply.

2. Objectives

The joint Call for Proposals between the parties seeks to foster and grow collaborative links between Wales and Quebec by:

  • promoting sustainable development and a green recovery in each society, acknowledging the significance of 2021 as the year of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland
  • promoting cooperation between research centres and researchers in targeted fields of interest on both sides
  • promoting cooperation in economic development in priority areas of mutual interest
  • supporting the work of our creative sectors to showcase our respective unique cultural heritages
  • favouring a better mutual understanding through the consolidation of networks and sharing of expertise.

3. Sectors of cooperation

The present call for proposals is open to all sectors in sustainability, research and innovation, and culture. Certain fields will be prioritised but applications will not be limited to:

Green recovery

For example:

  • Clean energy and energy storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Recycling.

Economy, science and innovation

For example:

  • Life sciences (telemedicine, research on vaccines, pandemics, medical technologies)
  • Digital technologies and artificial intelligence
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing, including aerospace

Arts and Culture

For example:

  • Art for health and wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • New solutions for a new world

Please note that this call for proposals is open to all these sectors in 2021. Projects will be chosen after a quality-based evaluation and in regards to the criteria mentioned below.

4. Project eligibility criteria

In Wales, the call will be open to applicants who have a permanent base in the country.

In Québec, the head of the project must have Canadian citizenship or have permanent residency.

Projects must:

  • Involve one partner from Wales and one partner from Quebec
  • Be completed within 12 months after the announcement of funding is made or no later than 31st March 2023
  • Be submitted as a complete application file both at the Welsh Government International Relations Department, and the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec
  • Respect the application submission deadline – applications received after 11:59pm on 26 July 2021 will not be considered.

Specification for 2021 call

The fields of green recovery, life sciences, cyber security, artificial intelligence, aerospace and arts and culture have been chosen as priority areas. A final report will have to be submitted no later than 31st March 2023.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and necessity for government travel advice to adapt to the evolving global health situation, if applications include requests for travel support, applicants are asked as part of the application process to submit alternative plans for use of funds allocated if travel is not recommended or permitted at the time it was due to be undertaken.

5. Guidelines and expenses eligible for financial support

Cooperation project support must not substitute the support usually granted by other financing organisations. Please note that financial support per project per year granted by the Government of Quebec cannot exceed $7,500 CAD and £4,300 GBP by the Welsh Government.

Please note that the Quebec Ministries, governmental agencies or organisations and Quebec government companies may apply in calls for projects under the responsibility of the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie. However, the funding granted cannot be used to cover expenses incurred by them and their staff. The funding may only be used to cover costs incurred by external partners from Quebec.

The following expenses are eligible:

  • Transportation costs for return travel between Wales and Quebec (economy class) when available subject to COVID-19 restrictions and public health guidance
  • Other expenses related to travel and teleconference meetings (visa, insurance, fees for greenhouse gas offsetting, transport of instruments or artworks, etc.)
  • Per diems (hotel and meals) if applicable
  • Publication, promotion and information dissemination fees associated with the project
  • Fees linked to a jointly created work
  • Venue or equipment rental costs
  • Artist fees directly related to proposed project
  • Purchase of material or equipment.

The following expenses are not eligible:

  • Expenses related to an organisation’s operating costs and staff payment
  • Any expense previously covered by financial support from another government programme
  • Regular operating fees of the applicant
  • Expenses incurred before the announcement of the grant
  • Travel costs in first class or business class
  • Fees for excess luggage
  • Quarantine fees or expenses incurred whilst quarantining.

Funding method

This Wales-Quebec cooperation uses a separate financing method, meaning that each partner is responsible for the entirety of its expenses in foreign territory. Quebec financial support is provided by the Quebec Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF). The grant requested from the Government of Quebec must concern only the Quebec partner's expenses (including travel expenses to Wales as well as living expenses). Likewise, the grant requested from the Welsh Government must concern only the expenditure of partners in Wales (including travel expenses to Quebec and living expenses).

6. Project evaluation criteria

  • Coherence of project submitted in relation with the objectives stated in the Call for Projects
  • Promotion of sustainable development and principles of sustainability through the project
  • Innovative nature of the project
  • Creation of new partnerships
  • Clarity of stated objectives
  • Timeframe and work programme feasibility
  • Contribution to the sector’s development based on the projected benefits and results
  • Rigour of financial arrangement and diversity of funding sources
  • Balance between the objectives and projected results in view of the work schedule and funding structure
  • Be carried out jointly according to the principle of reciprocity and mutual commitment, both in regards to financing and concrete impacts
  • Foster long-term exchanges and cooperative bonds between Wales and Quebec and potentially lead to further funding from other government agencies (United Kingdom or Canada, for example)
  • Result in tangible benefits for both Wales and Quebec
  • Lead to the establishment of networks for cooperation.

7. Project presentation and selection

Please note that all the projects must absolutely be submitted separately to both coordinating organisations (being the ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie for the Québec partner and the International Relations Department for the Welsh Government).

Québec and Welsh partners must both fill out the relevant online documents (no other forms will be accepted).

Québec partners link to the form at:
Welsh partners must submit the documents at the latest on the 26 July 2021 via email to:

Download the application form

Inquiries for the Québec partner can be sent to:

M. Steve Boilard
Direction Europe et institutions européennes
Ministère des Relations internationals et de la Francophonie

The Government of Québec and the Welsh Government are responsible for the final selection of the projects and determining the amount of the support granted. Results will be made available to applicants in the autumn of 2021. Please note that decisions are not subject to any appeals.

8. Final report

A final report form will be filled by each organisation and submitted according to the terms connected to this in Québec and Wales respectively.

Wales and Quebec funding call

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