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What to do if you are worried about being evicted and if you are being threatened with eviction.

First published:
15 May 2020
Last updated:

Your landlord must give you 3 months notice before they can evict you from your home. 

You must contact your landlord immediately if you are in rent arrears or are not able to pay your rent.

Threatened with eviction

Your landlord could evict you for not paying your rent. This is called ‘seeking possession’. If they evict you, they will give you a ‘Notice of seeking possession (NSP)’. 

There is a temporary change in the law around evictions (until 30 September 2020). From 27 March 2020  your landlord must now give you at least 3 months’ notice to evict you.

Your landlord can still serve a notice, but will not be able to make a possession claim to the court for 3 months. Your landlord cannot evict you without a court order.

If you get a notice you should get advice from Shelter Cymru or Citizens Advice.

Eviction proceedings have already started

If you got a Notice of Seeking Possession before 27 March 2020, the 3 month notice requirement does not apply,

The court will not deal with any possession claim from the landlord until after 23 August.

If a possession claim was already in the court system, it will now be delayed until after 23 August.

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