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The Welsh Language Strategy, A living language: a language for living sets our vision of seeing the Welsh language thriving in Wales.

The Welsh Language Strategy Evaluation Framework provides the basis for a programme of research and analysis to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of the Strategy. Research and evaluation studies undertaken in the context of the Evaluation Framework are intended to extend our evidence base in relation to the Welsh language; together with the Evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy.

This study is intended to support the work of the Welsh Government as it refines and develops its approaches to meet the objectives set out in A living language, a language for living and Moving Forward. The basis of the study was set by the Evaluation Framework for A living language: a language for living published in February 2013.

The project aimed to examine how parents use Welsh with their children and how the use of Welsh in the home is influenced by various factors. Specifically, the project aimed to answer the following research questions:

  • What are the conditions that facilitate Welsh language transmission within families, and the conditions that make Welsh language transmission less likely?
  • What are the conditions that influence patterns of Welsh language use within families with children in the 0-4 age group?


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