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EU level

  • 16 July - First Minister meets Michel Barnier in Brussels and delivers key note address at European Policy Centre event.
  • 23, 30 August and 14 September – negotiation meetings between Michel Barnier and Dominic Raab.
  • 5 September – First Minister opened a new Welsh Government overseas office in Berlin, with a new office in Dusseldorf to follow shortly.
  • 12 September – President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker delivers his annual (and final) State of the Union address. On Brexit he acknowledges the UK government’s intention to base a future EU-UK partnership around a free trade deal, but takes issue with the UK’s proposal to participate in the single market for goods only saying, “if you leave the union, you are of course no longer part of our single market, and certainly not only in the parts of it you choose”.
  • 19-20 September – Informal EU leaders meeting in Salzburg; Brexit will be discussed but may be overshadowed by other issues on the agenda (e.g. migration).
  • 18 October – European Council at which it had been hoped that the Withdrawal Agreement and future partnership statement would be finalised, but increasingly the expectation is that this is more likely to be at an extraordinary European Council meeting in November.
  • 13-14 December – European Council.
  • Late 2018 / early 2019 - ongoing discussion and debate across the Commission, Council and Parliament about the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the range of EU funded programmes (e.g. Horizon Europe, Erasmus+). Stated ambition for this to reach conclusion before the end of the current European Parliament term, but widespread scepticism that this will be the case.
  • 21-22 March 2019 – The final summit which the UK is expected to attend as a member of the EU.
  • 29 March 2019 – UK scheduled to leave the EU.

UK level

  • 12 July – The UK government published its Brexit White Paper on the Future Relationship between the UK and the EU.
  • 16 July – UK government accepts amendments to the Customs Bill proposed by Brexiteers (which are designed to undermine the Chequers agreement).
  • 24 July – PM written statement confirmed she will lead the negotiations with the EU, with Raab deputising; Cabinet Office Europe Unit having overall responsibility for the “preparation and conduct of the negotiations” and DExEU retaining preparedness, legislation and frameworks.
  • 24 July – Withdrawal Agreement Bill White Paper was published.
  • 1 August – The Ministerial Forum meeting was held in Cardiff. Agenda items included EU Negotiations, Level Playing Field and Forward Look Programme.
  • 23 August – First tranche of ‘no deal’ Technical Notices published (25 notices in total).
  • 12 September – UK government Agriculture Bill was introduced.
  • 13 September – JMC (EN) meeting (now established on a monthly basis). Agenda items included EU Negotiations, Operational readiness, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and common frameworks.
  • 13 September – Second tranche of ‘no deal’ Technical Notices were published (28 notices).
  • 13 September – Special UKG Cabinet meeting held on ‘no deal’ preparations.
  • 17 September – Ministerial Forum (EU Negotiations) in London. Discussions on Agri-food trade, food safety and technical standards, and fishing opportunities. The Minister for Housing and Regeneration and the Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs represented the Welsh Government.
  • 17 September – Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs at Defra and Devolved Administrations Quadrilateral in London.
  • 20 September - Home Office Conference with WLGA and LAs scheduled on settled status in Wales.
  • October – JMC (EN) meeting.
  • October – JMC (E) meeting.
  • October – Ministerial Forum.
  • November - JMC (EN) meeting.
  • November – British Irish Council (BIC) in the Isle of Man.
  • November – Ministerial Forum.
  • Late November/early December – Parliamentary votes on the Withdrawal Agreement (if secured with the EU). To be followed (if Parliamentary votes are in favour of the deal) by the introduction of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Wales level

  • 10 July – Brexit and Our Land was published.
  • 12 July – European Advisory Group meeting.
  • 17 July - Brexit Finance paper (Reforming UK funding and fiscal arrangements after Brexit) was published.
  • 17 July – Cabinet Secretary for Finance oral statement on the UKG White Paper relating to the Future Relationship between the UK and the EU.
  • 23-26 July – Royal Welsh Show.
  • 1 August – Wales Audit Office report on Managing the Impact of Brexit on Structural Funds.
  • 29 August - Cabinet Secretary for Finance met with Caroline Nokes, UKG Immigration Minister.
  • 5 September – Cabinet Secretary for Finance introductory telephone call with Dominic Raab.
  • 10 September – First Minister delivered a speech on reforming the UK constitution in the context of Brexit at the Institute for Government in London.
  • 14 September – Cabinet Secretary for Finance attended the CBI Wales Council meeting about Brexit.
  • 17 September – First Minister appeared before the External and Additional Legislation (EAAL) committee.
  • 17-18 September – Katrina Williams UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU visit to Welsh Government.
  • 18 September - Cabinet Secretary for Finance oral statement.
  • 19 September – Cabinet Sub-Committee meeting.
  • 20 September – European Advisory Group meeting.
  • 20 September – Cabinet Secretary for Education to attend the Children and Young People and Education Committee.
  • 20 September – Brexit agenda item at the Partnership Council for Wales meeting.
  • 20 September – Bevan Foundation on behalf of Universities Wales publish report ‘After Brexit: the Role of Higher Education’.
  • 29 September – 6 months until the UK leaves the EU.
  • 5 November – First Minister appearing before the External and Additional Legislation (EAAL) committee.
  • 22 November – European Advisory Group meeting.
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