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We continue to engage with stakeholders to undertake a procurement exercise for eProcurement tools.

First published:
6 November 2019
Last updated:

The contracts for eTradingWales and eTenderWales will expire at the end of March 2020. We are prioritising customer needs to ensure continuity of these services beyond this date.

Following discussions with stakeholders, and our ongoing commitment to full transparency in procurement activity, it has been agreed that the evaluation will now be carried out with representation from customer organisations.

As a result, the procurement exercise has been delayed slightly.

We had intended to complete this exercise by 31 October, however new timescales have been put in place to award the contract by the end of November. This will allow adequate time to join up with customer representatives during the evaluation stage.

A shortlist of suitable suppliers from the G-Cloud framework has been agreed, based on the requirements of customers.

We are currently engaging with key procurement groups to identify volunteers to assist in the evaluation of this shortlist over the next 2 weeks.

We apologise for this delay. We will continue to provide updates as this work progresses. If you have any queries, please contact