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Digital strategy for Wales: delivery plan






Digital Services

  • Review how key public services are delivered digitally and use this information to drive forward further transformation in key areas.
  • Create and promote digital standards for design, delivery and technology.
  • Create a training and knowledge sharing community to support creation and delivery of good digital services with implementation tools and guides for practitioners.
  • Develop our digital leadership in Wales by appointing a CDO for Health and Care and ensure the CDOs and CDPS work together to support improvement in digital public services.
  • Drive forward work to ensure public sector organisations are reviewing their legacy infrastructure and replacing as necessary.
  • Develop approaches to ensure public services can take forward user research with different population groups.
  • Fund and deliver a series of demonstrator projects to exemplify building good services based on principles of user-centred design.
  • Publish a Cyber Action Plan for Wales.


  • Agree and identify opportunities for a shared architecture for public sector technology and systems.


Digital Inclusion

  • Commission research to understand the barriers faced by those who do not engage with digital.
  • Explore a minimum digital living standard for Wales which includes a recognised baseline for what it means to be digitally included e.g. connectivity speed, device and basic digital skills.
  • Ensure appropriate interventions are in place to support citizens to gain the digital confidence to engage with digital and know where to go for help. In addition, ensure front line staff and volunteers are able to access training to become digitally confident.


  • Work with all sectors to ensure alternative options for engaging are available for everyone and designed to the same standard as those expected of digital.
  • Use available mechanisms to influence telecoms companies to deliver tariffs aimed at the digitally excluded.

Digital Skills

  • Develop a clear approach for a digital skills and confidence framework that is fully inclusive and builds on existing initiatives from education through to the workplace.
  • Deliver initiatives to improve leadership in public services.
  • Continue to deliver support which enhances digital in the delivery of learning and identify opportunities for doing more.
  • Identify gaps in provision underpinning the digital skills and confidence framework and respond to opportunities for collaboration.
  • Deploy the skills and confidence framework across public and third sectors and promote to private sector.
  • Identify opportunities and options to raise data capability across the public sector at all levels from analysis to leadership.


Digital Economy

  • Support digital driven innovation. By working with business, industry bodies, research institutions and other stakeholders to focus on specific industrial clusters.
  • Accelerate the digital maturity, productivity and skills of our business community.
  • Seek out and explore collaborative opportunities for shared working spaces across public and private sector, to encourage collaboration and reduce travel.
  • Appoint supplier to develop a roadmap to improve digital procurement practices.
  • Improve Wales’ digital prospects and strengthen Wales as a digital exporter by creating a thriving ecosystem of commercial and academic expertise that drives digital innovation in emerging technologies.
  • Implement the roadmap to improve procurement practices and processes, delivering better outcomes for all.
  • Provide cyber security support to businesses in Wales to strengthen their resilience when faced with cyber threats.



Digital Connectivity

  • Support community-led deployments through voucher schemes, like Access Broadband Cymru, grant funding like the Local Broadband Fund.
  • Continue to develop and deliver public sector connectivity in Wales by evolving PSBA in conjunction with public sector requirements for increased connectivity.
  • Re-invest funding returned through our superfast roll-out to improve digital connectivity through targeted infrastructure interventions.
  • Establish protocols and processes with UK Government to support the UK schemes like the Shared Rural Network and the Gigabit Broadband Programme.
  • Establish a taskforce to support digital connectivity investment and roll out.


  • Review the ownership and commercial models for public sector duct and fibre assets.

Data and Collaboration

  • Undertake a programme of work and embed a culture change to improve data sharing across the public sector.
  • Exploit new and existing data sources to inform analysis, decision making and research by delivering the next phase of ADR Wales and maximising opportunities to collaborate with academia and others on data driven innovation.
  • Work with the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to embed ethical principles across all actions in this delivery plan.
  • Develop a “data promise” for health and care, which assures citizens about how their health and care data is being held and used, and consult on a wider set of principles for the use of data in the public sector.
  • Develop guidance on what public sector data should be made available in an open format.
  • Agree an approach to setting and embedding data standards across the Welsh public sector.


  • Develop an understanding of requirements and a plan for greater data collaboration and shared digital identity approaches across the public sector.


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