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Planning application for an energy recovery facility in Buttington, Welshpool.

First published:
29 September 2021
Last updated:

This a Development of National Significance (DNS) application. A DNS is a type of planning application which is made directly to the Welsh Ministers. Planning and Environment Decisions Wales process the application.

This application is for an energy from waste facility.

Documents received before 16 September 2021 can be viewed on the DNS Portal website hosted by the Planning Inspectorate.

Any documents received after 16 September 2021 will be published to this website.


Developer: Broad Energy (Wales) Ltd.

About this application: Energy Recovery Facility which would treat residential, commercial & industrial waste. The facility would treat 150,000 tonnes of waste per year. The facility would generate approximately 13 MW of electricity.

Application location: Buttington Quarry, Buttington, Welshpool

Stage: Examination. The determination period is currently suspended and is due to resume on 17 January 2022.

Next stage: Topic specific hearings. Dates to be determined.

Procedure: Written representations with topic specific hearing session(s)

Submitted: 8 March 2021