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Farmers must follow these rules if they apply for payments under the Basic Payment Scheme 2015.

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7 January 2015
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In addition to changes such as the re ordering, renaming and reclassifying of the good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAEC) and some management requirements (SMR), changes include:

  • The use of pesticides within 2 metres of a watercourse will be prohibited unless a permit is obtained from Natural Resources Wales for the control of non-native invasive plants.
  • Leaving a rough surface will no longer be permissible as a minimum soil cover between harvest and 1 March. If sowing of cover crops is not possible, other measures will be required to prevent soil erosion.
  • There will no longer be a requirement to keep a Soil Assessment Record, although it remains good practice to do so.
  • The requirement not to cultivate within 1 metre of stone walls, stone faced banks and slate fences will be removed, however the requirement remains for hedges, earth banks and water courses and will apply to all land, including field parcels smaller than 2 hectares.
  • A penalty will be applied in all cases where a TB test is overdue by one day or more.
  • The silage making and storage of silage and slurry requirements, of the Water Resources ( Control of Pollution) (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) (Wales) Regulations 2010, will be incorporated into the Statutory Management Requirements applying only to land within a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.
  • The requirements of SMR3, Sewage Sludge and SMR 13-15, Control of Foot and Mouth Disease: Certain Animal Diseases and Bluetongue, are being removed from Cross Compliance.

It is important that you read the information carefully to avoid any penalties.