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National Procurement Service framework updates.

First published:
8 December 2020
Last updated:

Would you like to help us shape our new framework for the supply of high visibility, personal protective equipment (PPE), uniforms, work wear and leisurewear?

We are looking for volunteers to join our customer focus group (CFG) to help us scope and evaluate the new framework. The new framework will replace the existing framework which expires in September 2021.

We are starting to identify requirements and hope to hold our CFG via Microsoft Teams when attendees are confirmed. We will start to develop the requirements and tender documentation after we have held the first meeting.

For further information or to volunteer, please email:

Stationery and copier paper 

Our current framework expires on 31 July 2021. We issued a briefing document, detailing the retender of the current framework to our customer focus group (CFG) members in November. We aim to retender and evaluate this framework in early 2021.

If you are not on the CFG list and would like further information, please email