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National Procurement Service framework updates.

First published:
23 September 2019
Last updated:

Rock salt

The rock salt framework reaches the end of its 4 year term on 7 October 2019.

To ensure continuity of supply through winter, we are planning to extend the framework for a further 6 months. This will also allow us to understand future local authority requirements and undertake a new procurement, if this is the preferred route.

It is important to note that customers wishing to call-off the framework agreement during the extension period will do so at their own risk, and may want to seek their own legal advice before doing so.

To mitigate this risk, customers can place a call-off order prior to the 7 October 2019, to cover supply until 31 March 2020.

If you have any queries relating to this framework, please contact 

Frameworks coming to an end

The following frameworks are coming to an end and will not be renewed:

Purchase of hand tools and small electrical equipment framework (NPS-CFM-0058-16)

This framework came to an end on 12 September 2019. Core tools will be available through the new building materials framework.

Electrical, heating, plumbing and associated materials framework agreement (NPS-CFM-0030-15)

This framework will come to an end on 27 September 2019. Customers can purchase these materials through the new building materials framework from December 2019.

Cleaning services and washroom services (NPS-CFM-008-14)

The cleaning services framework will end on 14 December 2019. Washroom services will be let as part of our new cleaning materials and washroom services tender. Details of this new framework can be found in the framework renewals update below.

Biomass (NPS-CFM-0033-15)

This framework will come to an end on 5 January 2020. Evidence shows very low usage. Customers are advised to source through local arrangements.

Facilities Management (FM) 1 - total, hard, soft FM (NPS-CFM-0042-15)

This framework will come to an end on 10 January 2020. Customers are advised that similar services and suppliers are available via the CCS framework RM 3830:

Facilities Management Marketplace on the Crown Commercial 

Facilities Management 2 - pest control, fire maintenance, security, kitchen equipment maintenance (NPS-CFM-0045-16)

This framework will come to an end on 13 October 2020. Evidence indicates most organisations source services locally. There is an option for existing customers to let call off contracts prior to the end of the current arrangements. 

Framework renewals

Building materials including electrical, heating and plumbing

The tender for this framework closed mid-August. The new framework is due to be live from December 2019.

Furniture solutions

This framework is under development, with the tender due to be published in October 2019. Supplier engagement events were held in South Wales on 17 September, and North Wales on 18 September. The current furniture framework expires on 30 November 2019. It is anticipated that the new furniture framework will go live in January 2020. For further information please contact

Cleaning materials and washroom services

This framework is under development with the tender due to be published in October 2019. Supplier engagement events were held during September.