Contact the Corporate Digital Team to create a collection.

Use a collection to fufil a user need to find a group of content based on something other than topic:

  • time; cross compliance 2017, cross compliance 2018
  • audience; Help to Buy - Wales: builder and developer pack
  • type; Schools as learning organisations: case studies
  • specialist need, including grouping content from multiple topics; Welsh Revenue Authority: technical guidance

Follow these criteria to reduce the amount of information listed on a topic page. Reduce the list to focus on the important user needs.

You can add content to more than one collection.

Do not create a collection:

  • in place of a sub-topic; sub-topics are our primary way of grouping content
  • for content that users don’t need, or wouldn’t expect, to find together
  • in place of a records management system
  • for a single publication