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Agenda / Issues Discussed:

  1. Public Information Campaign: January - March 2022
  2. Engagement Update, PR and targeted audiences
  3. Update on the Act – Communications overview
  4. Update on the Act - Implementation Programme
  5. Update on Act related activity from Stakeholders

Actions / Decisions

  • Communications leads from organisations represented on the Strategic Implementation Group attended for items 1, and 2 of the Expert Stakeholder Group Meeting, which included an update on the integrated public awareness raising and engagement campaign and plans for awareness raising ahead of commencement in March 2022.  
  • Attendees were in support of the communications activity planned for January to March 2022.
  • Attendees highlighted their wish to continue to use our partner pack to support the communications campaign through their own social media channels.
  • Members of the Expert Stakeholder Group received an oral update on the implementation programme, the children and young people awareness raising strategy and provided updates on their own activities.
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