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You could get funding from your local authority for providing childcare for children aged 3 or 4 years.

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23 May 2019
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‘The childcare offer for Wales’ gives working parents a mixture of childcare and early education for children aged 3 or 4 years.

The childcare offer can be used for up to 48 weeks a year. This includes 39 weeks of term time, and 30 hours for 9 weeks of the school holidays.

You do no need to provide early education, also known as ‘Foundation Phase nursery’ to get funding. Parents can choose more than one provider to look after their child.


You must be registered as a childcare provider with a regulator. In Wales the regulator and inspectorate for childcare is Care Inspectorate Wales, in England Ofsted.

How much you will get


You will get £5 per hour for each child that is entitled to the childcare part of the offer.

Early education

Your local authority will decide how much you get paid.

Child attendance

If a child cannot attend due to illness, you will still get paid for the hours booked. If a child continues not to attend you should contact your local authority.

How to get paid

Payments are managed by local authorities. You should submit the hours each child has booked with you to the local authority that manages the offer for your area.


Contact your Family Information Service.

Payment for extras

Top-up rates

You cannot charge for hourly top-up rates if you normally charge more than £5 per hour.

Food and activities

You can charge for:

  • food
  • snacks
  • transport
  • trips outside of your service

Read our guidelines about how much we recommend you charge.


For help and support contact your local Family Information Service.