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The new bridge and retaining walls at Cefn Coed will maintain connection between the north and south of Cefn Coed whilst allowing for widening of the A465 road.

First published:
15 September 2021
Last updated:
Satellite map showing changes to Cefn coed junction
Map showing Cefn Coed plans.

What we’re doing

  • building a temporary road
  • moving utilities
  • building a new bridge at High street
  • building a new footbridge
  • widening Taf Fechan viaduct
  • building retaining walls

We will build a 688ft (210m) long wall along the A470 next to the Cefn Coed cemetery.

We will replace the High street bridge with a new structure so that we can widen the new road to the north and south.

We will strengthen and widen Taf Fechan viaduct to carry the new A465 road.

We will build a road to run east of the Taf Fechan viaduct for about half a mile (0.8 km). The road will be built in a series of cuttings up to 52ft (16m) and on embankments up to 44ft (13.5m) high.

Current progress

We have:

  • built a temporary road to connect Vaynor road with Upper High street
  • built two temporary roundabouts on the A465 to replace the existing junctions with Grawen lane and Lower Vaynor road
  • started piling work on the southern side of the A465
  • excavated and built the base of Taf Fawr bridge foundations on the west side of the river
  • cleared vegetation
  • moved footpaths and created access tracks
Works at Cefn Coed junction
Works at Cefn Coed junction

Next steps

  • we will put in a temporary footbridge alongside the existing High street bridge to allow pedestrians to cross the A465
  • we will put in services temporarily underneath the footbridge while we pull down the old bridge and build the new one
  • summer 2021 to autumn 2023: we will build the new viaduct to carry the slip road and main road over the Taf Fawr. The viaduct will be supported by 3 piers about 25m high.

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