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This page explains why you need to keep a herd register and download the Welsh Government recommended booklet.

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First published:
29 March 2019
Last updated:


Herd registers are an important requirement for all bovine producers. You must keep your register up to date and available to authorised inspectors when requested. Failure to provide this can result in loss of premium or you could also face prosecution.

We recommend using the cattle herd register booklet.

If you’re satisfied with your electronic register or an equivalent register, however, please continue to use this if you wish.

Please make sure that your register records the information found in column 1 to 9 in the Welsh Government register.These are the following:

  1. ear tag
  2. date of birth
  3. date you notified BMCS of birth
  4. breed
  5. sex
  6. dam’s (and surrogate dam’s) ear-tag number
  7. date of movement
  8. departure holding or CPH
  9. date of movement or death

Please keep your register in a safe place and if you have an electronic register please make sure to create a back up version.

It is not a requirement to keep a paper register and an electronic register. Either one is satisfactory.

How long to keep your herd register

It is required that you keep your register for 10 years following the last date that was entered in your register.