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An all-Wales capability and capacity dashboard is under development with Atamis, designed to track and monitor the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) membership landscape across the Welsh public sector.

First published:
11 June 2020
Last updated:

We have been working with CIPS to establish the range of membership grades across the Welsh public sector so we can identify the concentration of members nationally, regionally and locally. The dashboard will also link to procurement spend data so we can more easily assess ratios of professionals vs spend. We can also link the data to each Public Service Board area, to support joint working across all public services in each local authority area.

This data will help inform the strategic direction of the commercial capability work, enabling a more proactive and targeted approach to bolstering the profession and addressing the skills deficit. It will be updated regularly to ensure we have access to the latest membership data for the Welsh public sector.

We are reliant on professionals keeping their CIPS membership details up to date for accuracy. Please visit the CIPS website to check your details and membership grades are correct and request they make any updates by 26 June at the latest so we can amend the dashboard accordingly.