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Information about our goals, priorities and principles

Cafcass Cymru strategic plan 2016 – 2019

In 2015 we created our Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2019 ‘Providing a Voice’. The plan for 2016-2019 sets out our goals, priorities, principles and a set of values that captures the type of organisation we want to be.

The purpose of the plan is to help the organisation continue to provide a high quality service throughout a time of continuing change within the Family Justice System. For the period of this plan, we have identified 4 strategic goals to provide us with clear direction and long term focus for our effort and resource in the coming years. These are:

  1. to provide high quality, timely, independent expert advice and information to children, families and courts
  2. to ensure our intervention promotes the voice of the child and is centred on their rights, welfare and best interests
  3. to influence the Family Justice system and services for children in Wales
  4. to enable staff to be the best they can be within a dynamic, diverse and open organisation.

As a child-focused organisation, our services are driven by a set of principles that back up all the work we do:

  • children and young people should be safeguarded from all forms of harm.
  • the needs of children and young people are paramount.
  • children and young people have a diverse range of backgrounds and needs.
  • where safe, children and young people are best brought up by their own family and within their own community.
  • safe and effective arrangements for contact with parents, siblings, extended family and friends should be in place for children and young people who are not able to live with members of their family.
  • children and young people have a right to be heard
  • all forms of oppression and discrimination are damaging
  • service users have a right to receive a bilingual and an equitable service regardless of circumstances or where they live.
  • continuous improvement and securing a diverse and bilingual workforce are essential elements to continued effectiveness.

Participation plan

To support our goals and values we also created a strategy for improving the service we provide to children and young people, Your Voice.

The plan sets out how we will engage with children and young people through a set of projects and initiatives all with the aim of improving our service.

As part of the Your Voice plan we aim to meet the Participation Standards For Wales.

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