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  • First Minister
  • Counsel General and Brexit Minister
  • Deputy Minister and Chief Whip


  1. The Cabinet Sub-Committee on Justice will provide strategic direction to the Welsh Government’s activities related to justice. The Commission on Justice in Wales made significant recommendations to improve the delivery of justice in Wales. The report makes 78 recommendations, and draws together evidence and advice on every aspect of the justice system, reflecting the contribution of more than 200 people and institutions orally, and similar numbers in writing. This committee will coordinate the government’s response to the report and determine government policy on the wider justice agenda.
  2. In particular, the Cabinet Sub-Committee will:
    • provide strategic leadership for justice functions currently devolved to Wales
    • direct all governmental activity in response to the report of the Commission on Justice in Wales
    • ensure synergy across portfolios to ensure a coordinated approach to justice matters
    • agree Welsh Government positions on justice initiatives arising from the UK government, and
    • lead discussions with the UK government on devolution of justice.
  3. The chair will agree agenda items and papers. Other ministers will be invited to participate in meetings to consider agenda items on which they hold a policy interest. Papers will reflect the views of relevant ministers before they are submitted for agreement, and will be circulated to all Cabinet members to allow progress to be noted. This approach reflects the necessary close alignment between justice objectives and a range of other policy objectives.
  4. Meetings will generally be held on an approximate bi-monthly basis, but additional meetings may be organised where necessary.

Mark Drakeford AM
First Minister
January 2020

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