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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford MS (Chair)
  • Jeremy Miles MS
  • Jane Hutt MS
  • Hugh Rawlings, Director Constitutional Affairs
  • Will Whiteley, Deputy Director Cabinet Division
  • Carys Evans, Principal Private Secretary, First Minister
  • James Gerard, Deputy Director, Justice Transformation and Devolution
  • Christopher Warner, Deputy Director, Constitution and Justice
  • Karin Phillips, Deputy Director, Community Safety Division
  • Diane Dunning, Deputy Director, Legal Services
  • Chris James, Head of Policy Justice
  • David Rich, Head of Constitution
  • David Slade, Senior Justice Manager
  • Jane Runeckles, Special Adviser
  • Christopher W Morgan, Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Damian Roche, Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)

Item 1: Minutes of previous meeting

  1. The Cabinet Sub Committee noted the minutes of the previous meeting.

Item 2: Second report from President of Welsh Tribunals

  1. The Cabinet Sub-Committee considered the second annual report of the President of Welsh Tribunals, which had been published at the end of April. The President of the Welsh Tribunals had also presented his report to the Senedd’s Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee earlier that week.

Item 3: Stocktake on justice during Covid outbreak

  1. The First Minister referred to the discussion that took place with the Lord Chancellor on 11 June, which had been broadly positive and highlighted the significant crossover between the devolved and non-devolved aspects of justice.

Item 4: Forward Look

  1. The First Minister introduced the forward look item, which considered the UK government’s planning for tackling backlogs in the current court system and reforming judicial reviews.
  2. The Sub-committee noted that an announcement by the Ministry of Justice was expected shortly on the future of the reform of judicial reviews. It was noted that an independent panel would be established to overview the process, which was welcomed.
  3. It was reported that the UK government might be moving to a post-COVID-19 approach to its work Programmes shortly, in which case it would be timely to encourage some more engagement on the reform of justice matters in Wales.

Cabinet Secretariat
July 2020

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