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  • Rt Hon. Mark Drakeford AM
  • Jeremy Miles AM (Chair)
  • Lesley Griffiths AM
  • Ken Skates AM
  • Eluned Morgan AM
  • Vaughan Gething AM
  • Rebecca Evans AM
  • Kirsty Williams AM
  • Jane Hutt AM
  • Lee Waters AM
  • Des Clifford – Director General, OFM
  • Piers Bisson – Director, European Transition
  • Simon Brindle – Director, Brexit Strategy
  • Will Whiteley – Head of Cabinet Division
  • Carys Evans – Principal Private Secretary, First Minister
  • Gareth Williams – Special Adviser
  • Dan Butler – Special Adviser
  • Andrew Johnson – Special Adviser
  • Alex Bevan – Special Adviser
  • Damian Roche – Cabinet Secretariat
  • Sophie Jones – Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Reg Kilpatrick – Director, Local Government
  • Georgina Haarhoff – Deputy Director, Brexit Policy
  • Diane Dunning – Deputy Director of Legal Services
  • Liz Lalley – Deputy Director European Transition (Preparedness)
  • Margaret Davies – Deputy Director of Strategic Budgeting
  • Ed Sherriff – Deputy Director European Transition (Negotiations)
  • Emma Edworthy – Deputy Director Trade Policy
  • Toby Mason – Director of Communications
  • Leon Griffiths – European Transition
  • Peredur John – European Transition
  • Lauren Stamp – Senior Private Secretary, CGBM

Item 1: Minutes of the previous meetings

1.1 The minutes of the meeting of 25 September were agreed.

Item 2: Update on developments – Oral item

2.1 It was agreed that oral updates would be taken at the end of the meeting.

Item 3: No Deal Preparedness Action Plan

3.1 The Sub-Committee noted the update.

Item 4: Civil Contingencies – Operation Yellowhammer: Ministerial Arrangements

4.1 A paper to note was shared with Ministers, which set out proposed ministerial arrangements for oversight of Operation Yellowhammer.

Item 5: European Transition Fund update

5.1 The Counsel General and Brexit Minister introduced the paper, which provided an overview of the status and achievements of the projects supported through the European Transition Fund.

5.2 It was noted that the overall allocation of funding amounted to £46,407,280, including £5m of financial transactions capital deployed via the Business Resilience Fund, which would help meet the growing demand from businesses for advice about dealing with Brexit.

5.3 The sub-Committee noted the paper.

Item 6: Capital Investment Package

6.1 The Minister for Finance and Trefnydd introduced the paper, which provided an update on the first allocation of capital funding and plans for a proposed second tranche of capital funding for 2019-20.

6.2 The first tranche capital investment package totalled £85m, which comprised:

  • £50m investment in local government social housing programmes
  • £20m to local government to address local impacts of Brexit
  • £5m for network maintenance
  • £10m to the Economy Futures Fund.

6.3 The Sub-Committee noted the paper.

Item 7: Negotiations in a No Deal

7.1 The Counsel General and Brexit Minister and Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language introduced the paper, which updated the Sub-Committee on the work needed to prepare for the sort of negotiations expected, should the UK leave the EU without a deal.

7.2 It was recognised that preparing for such negotiations, over and above the work to plan for the immediate effects of a no deal exit and to continue making the case for remaining in the EU, was challenging.

7.3 However, in a ‘no-deal’ exit, the UK’s future relationship with the EU would still need to be negotiated; albeit under conditions much less favourable than under a Withdrawal Agreement, while the UK government was clearly eager to start trade negotiations with other third countries, notably the USA immediately after such a Brexit.

7.4 The Sub-Committee noted the paper.

Item 8: Communications (Stakeholder Day Report)

8.1 A number of meetings with public and private sector stakeholders had been requested by the First Minister on 2 and 3 October to discuss arrangements for Brexit, show Welsh Government leadership and bring partners together, given the
serious risks posed by a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

8.2 A European Advisory Group meeting took place on 3 October, which included discussions on the No Deal Action Plan, ‘A Brighter Future for Wales’, Migration and EU Settled Status.

8.3 An update was provided on the Environment and Rural Affairs Roundtable on 2 October.

8.4 The Minister for Housing and Local Government attended a meeting of the Local Government Partnership Council on 2 October, where positive discussions had taken place around preparedness.

8.5 The Minister for Economy and Transport provided a positive update on the EU Exit Working Group on 3 October.

8.6 It was noted that the Minister for Health and Social Services would provide an update on the Health Ministerial Stakeholder Reference Group at the next meeting.

8.7 The sub-committee noted the update.

Item 9: Update on Developments – continued

9.1 Brief oral updates were invited on developments since the last meeting on 30 September.

9.2 The Counsel General and Brexit Minister had been in Brussels the previous day, meeting with key EU partners.

9.3 JMC(E), JMC(EN) and also a trilateral meeting on the Inter-Governmental Relations Review were scheduled to take place in Edinburgh the following day.

9.4 The next Cabinet Sub-Committee meeting was due to take place the following Monday.

Cabinet Secretariat
October 2019

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