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  • Jeremy Miles AM (Chair)
  • Eluned Morgan AM
  • Lesley Griffiths AM
  • Ken Skates AM
  • Jane Hutt AM
  • Des Clifford – Director General, OFM
  • Piers Bisson – Director, European Transition
  • Simon Brindle – Director, Brexit Strategy
  • Carys Evans – Principal Private Secretary, First Minister
  • Reg Kilpatrick – Director, Local Government
  • Ed Sherriff – Deputy Director, European Transition (Negotiations)
  • Diane Dunning – Deputy Director of Legal Services
  • Dan Butler – Special Adviser
  • Andrew Johnson – Special Adviser
  • David Davies – Special Adviser
  • Damian Roche – Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Sophie Jones – Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Jo Trott – EPS, Vulnerable Groups
  • Joe Champion – Preparedness Co-ordinator
  • Peredur John – Policy Advisor European Transition
  • Lauren Stamp – Senior Private Secretary


  • Rt Hon. Mark Drakeford AM
  • Vaughan Gething AM
  • Rebecca Evans AM
  • Kirsty Williams AM

Item 1: Update on developments and minutes

1.1 Minutes of the previous meetings on 9 and 14 October would be ratified in correspondence.

1.2 The Counsel General and Brexit Minister noted that the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) had been paused, following the programme motion being voted down in Parliament the previous evening. It was likely that the EU would agree to a Brexit extension until the end of January 2020, but the UK government might seek a general election or possibly table an amended programme motion for the bill in response. A no-deal Brexit was now considerably less likely to happen on 31 October. However, it could not be ruled out completely.

1.3 In relation to UK engagement, it was noted that the First Minister was in London with the Scottish First Minister presenting a joint press conference about the negative impacts that the WAB would have on both countries if the legislation was passed as drafted.

1.4 The Sub-Committee noted the update.

Item 2: No deal preparedness

2.1 The Sub-Committee noted the update.

Item 3: Vulnerable communities

3.1 The Counsel General and Brexit Minister introduced the paper, which highlighted the short-term impact of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on vulnerable groups and the work being undertaken by the Welsh Government to, as far as possible, mitigate the impacts. In addition, the paper outlined potential policy levers the Welsh Government could utilise to support vulnerable people.

3.2 The Sub-Committee focused on the existing measures that were available to support vulnerable groups and how these could be extended.

3.3 The Sub-Committee noted the paper.

Cabinet Secretariat
October 2019

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