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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford MS (Chair)
  • Vaughan Gething MS

Via video link

  • Rebecca Evans MS
  • Lesley Griffiths MS
  • Julie James MS
  • Eluned Morgan MS
  • Ken Skates MS
  • Kirsty Williams MS
  • Jeremy Miles MS
  • Jane Hutt MS
  • Hannah Blythyn MS
  • Julie Morgan MS
  • Lee Waters MS
  • Dafydd Elis Thomas MS
  • Shan Morgan, Permanent Secretary (via video link)
  • Des Clifford, Director General Office of the First Minister
  • Will Whiteley, Head of Cabinet Division
  • Carys Evans, Principal Private Secretary First Minister
  • Jane Runeckles, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Dan Butler, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Ian Butler, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Sara Faye, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Paul Griffiths, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Clare Jenkins, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Andrew Johnson, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Mitch Theaker, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Gareth Williams, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Tom Woodward, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Christopher W Morgan, Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Damian Roche, Cabinet Secretariat
  • Jonathan Scourfield, Specialist Policy Adviser (via video link)
  • Dewi Knight, Specialist Policy Adviser (via video link)
  • Andrew Jeffreys, Director Welsh Treasury (via video link)
  • Andrew Goodall, Director General Health (via video link)
  • Andrew Slade, Director General, ESNR (via video link)
  • Tracey Burke, Director General Education and Public Services (via video link)
  • Simon Brindle, Director COVID-19 team (via video link)
  • Liz Lalley, COVID-19 team (via video link)
  • Peter McDonald, COVID-19 team (via video link)
  • Simon Jones, Director Economic Infrastructure (video link)
  • Gian Marco Currado, Director Environment and Marine (video link)
  • James Owen, Deputy Director Land Management Reform (video link)
  • Steve Vincent, Deputy Director Economic Infrastructure Management (video link)
  • Lowri Norrington-Davies, Flood & Coastal Risk Management Officer (video link)

Item 1: Minutes of the previous meeting

1. Cabinet approved the minutes of 8 June.

Item 2: Senedd Business

  1. Cabinet noted the Plenary Grid.

Item 3: Sustainable Farming: The Future of Agriculture Support

  1. The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs introduced the paper, which outlined the outcome of the consultation on Sustainable Farming and our Land and highlighted that proposals would be developed with a view to a phased implementation. Cabinet was asked to agree the proposed scope of the White Paper on the Agriculture (Wales) Bill and that this proposed legislation should provide high level enabling powers on regulation and enforcement.
  2. Cabinet approved the paper.

Item 4: National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management in Wales

  1. The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs introduced the paper, which asked Cabinet to approve the National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Management in Wales.
  1. With wetter winters, more frequent flooding and a larger number of extreme weather events, Wales was already experiencing the impact of climate change. This was having a significant effect on people’s lives as well as the economy and infrastructure. The devastation caused by flooding in February had strengthened the need to reinforce commitments on flood prevention, enhanced resilience and climate adaptation. It was important to prepare for the rising challenge of climate change and reduce the risks to life from flooding incidents, while leaving a legacy for future generations in Wales.
  1. The National Strategy set out how to reduce the risk by introducing a clear long-term aim with five objectives and further supporting measures. There would be a need to clarify roles and responsibilities for managing flood and coastal erosion, promote the development of natural flood management and catchment approaches and improve the understanding and communication of risk, while preventing exposure to risk through poor development and land management decisions.
  1. Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management was more than building defences and the recommended approach encouraged wider resilience, prevention and awareness, so that better decisions could be made by the public and by those who had influence on developments and the environment.
  1. There would be better provision of information, greater collaboration and partnership working, with creative, more sustainable schemes that delivered wider benefits, leading to improved wellbeing and a more prosperous Wales.
  1. Cabinet welcomed the paper and noted that a lessons learnt report from the February floods was being finalised.
  1. Cabinet approved the paper and agreed that the National Strategy should be laid before the Senedd.

Cabinet Secretariat
June 2020




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