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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford MS (Chair)
  • Vaughan Gething MS
  • Kirsty Williams MS

Via video link

  • Julie James MS (from item 5)
  • Eluned Morgan MS
  • Ken Skates MS
  • Jeremy Miles MS
  • Jane Hutt MS
  • Julie Morgan MS
  • Dafydd Elis Thomas MS


  • Rebecca Evans MS
  • Lesley Griffiths MS


  • Shan Morgan, Permanent Secretary (via video link)
  • Will Whiteley, Head of Cabinet Division
  • Toby Mason, Head of Strategic Communications (via video link)
  • Jane Runeckles, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Alex Bevan, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Ian Butler, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Kate Edmunds, Special Adviser (via video link)  
  • Paul Griffiths, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Clare Jenkins, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Andrew Johnson, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Gareth Williams, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Mitch Theaker, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Tom Woodward, Special Adviser (via video link)
  • Christopher W Morgan, Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Damian Roche, Cabinet Secretariat (via video link)
  • Jonathan Scourfield, Specialist Policy Adviser (via video link)
  • Dewi Knight, Specialist Adviser for Education Reform (via video link)
  • Tracey Burke, Director General, Education and Public Services (via video link)
  • Andrew Goodall, Director General, Health (via video link)
  • Andrew Slade, Director General ESNR (via video link)
  • Simon Brindle, Director COVID-19 project team (via video link)
  • Andrew Jeffreys, Director Treasury (via video link)
  • Liz Lalley, COVID -19 project team (via video link)
  • Chrishan Kamalan, CMO’s Office (via video link)

Item 1: Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. Cabinet approved the minutes of 8 September.

Item 2: First Minister’s items

  1. The First Minister informed Cabinet that all Deputy Ministers would be invited to future meetings.

Item 3: Senedd business

  1. Cabinet noted the Plenary forward schedule.
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